Michał Olczak

Working at a bank can be fun too!

Team Lead / Software Engineer at OP Lab of the OP Financial Group. Engineer at heart, Michał likes to build sustainable innovations.

Taking Elixir live at a bank

Audience: Intermediate

At OP Labs Thomas O’Rourke, Michał Olczak and others have developed a payment system based on facial recognition (Pivo Kasvomaksu in Finnish.) It is being used at several coffee shops in Finland and is the first of its kind launched in Europe. It is also the first Elixir production system in use at OP Financial Group.

They have two main topics to present:

  • How they managed to develop a production Elixir system at a bank, and the unique requirements and challenges they faced in this setting,
  • Highlight of their experiences with Elixir, showcasing some of the key architectural benefits.