Nicholas Scheurich

Nicholas Scheurich

Senior Software Engineer at GridPoint

Nicholas Scheurich (he/him) is a scholar of arcane mysteries such as computer programming, game design, and ancient text editors. He works as a software engineer at GridPoint, focusing on using Elixir to accelerate a sustainable energy future, building by building.

When not hacking on some ill-fated side project, Nick can often be found drawing, playing tabletop RPGs, or trying to pull the perfect shot of espresso. He resides in southeast Louisiana with his wife, son, and loyal feline companion.

Let’s Go on an Adventure!

Join me as we bravely set forth to learn how our everyday web development toolset can power a collaborative, multi-modal video game. This session will be a journey of discovery as we explore using Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix to power an adventure game in which multiple players work together to create an exciting interactive experience.

After a brief overview of our game design goals, we’ll see how common Elixir libraries and paradigms elegantly solve a number of game development challenges—and reveal interesting new opportunities!

We’ll cover leveraging LiveView to power clever small-screen interfaces, see how integrating Phoenix Channels with an off-the-shelf game engine can bring a world to life with ease, and more—with plenty of practical examples and demos along the way.

You’ll walk away excited to embark upon your own Elixir game development adventure!