Ryan Young

One of the original architects of Etsy Payments, Engineer @ Spotify

Ryan has held various engineering roles at Morgan Stanley, Etsy, WeWork, and Spotify. He picked up Elixir after being inspired by Chris McCord’s 15 minute Twitter clone demo in early 2020 and hasn’t looked back.

A Blueprint for Intuitive Internal Elixir Ecosystems

Audience: intermediate,proficient

Wouldn’t it be great if you could `$mix mycompany.new foo`, then `$mix hex.publish` published that library to an internal package repository, complete with documentation pushed to an internal site like `https://docs.mycompany.com`, with an embedded livebook link to play around with the library? Mirroring the same wonderful elixir developer experience internally can provide huge benefits to mature elixir shops or ones looking to increase adoption.

Talk objectives:

  • I hope attendees can learn that they can host their own package repository, ExDocs documentation site, and livebook service internally, and create custom mix tasks to handle all the necessary internal boilerplate. And that by stitching together these excellent tools they can improve the way engineers discover and share elixir code inside their company.

Target audience:

  • Engineers of all levels looking to improve the internal elixir tooling at their company.