Samanta de Araújo

Samanta de Araújo

Software Engineer @ Kodly

Passionate about technology, classic video games, travel, and electronics. Her first computer was a 386 with Windows 95. Identifies with the Gryffindor house. Prefers Star Wars over Matrix. Never had the patience to watch Star Trek.

A black, lesbian woman born in Rio de Janeiro in 1987. Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development with an MBA in Software Engineering.

Migrating a Warehouse Application from C# to Elixir

In the dynamic and demanding context of warehouse operations, efficiency and responsiveness are paramount. With the growth in demand and the emergence of more advanced technologies, many companies are reassessing their technological solutions to ensure they meet the challenge. In this lecture proposal, we will dive into the journey of an organization that chose to migrate its warehouse application from C# to Elixir. This decision, while technical, has profound business implications, promising gains in scalability, efficiency, and resilience.