Shubham Gupta

Software Engineer, Machine Learning @ Temus

Shubham Gupta is a software engineer specialising in Data Engineering and Machine Learning. His eight-year career in technology is marked by developing data-centric solutions and applications, primarily for startups. In his free time, he enjoys playing the drums and football.

ExStan: Elixir 🤝 Stan for Probabilistic Modeling

Dive into the fundamentals of probabilistic programming and Bayesian inference in this introductory session. The session will emphasize how Stan, a renowned tool for sophisticated statistical modeling, is seamlessly integrated with Elixir via the ExStan package. This integration is not just theoretical; participants will witness its practical application through a focused case study on predicting the 2022 Football World Cup outcomes. This real-world example will illuminate ExStan’s capabilities in model fitting, rigorous testing, and thorough evaluation. Attendees will depart with a comprehensive understanding of ExStan’s current functionalities, a preview of its promising future developments, and a curated list of resources for further exploration. This session is an opportunity to grasp the essentials of probabilistic programming and understand how it can be applied to solve complex problems in various domains using ExStan.