Victor Nascimento

Philosophy engineer who always remember the language part in the programming language expression

Victor is currently a technical leader of the Stone OpenBanking solution and a BEAM admirer since OTP 13 (before Elixir). Author of some widely used Elixir libraries like Joken, Joken JWKS and JUnit Formatter he is also passionate about Emacs and is one of the maintainers of elixir-mode. With a Philosophy major he usually attracts political and ethical discussions which is a curse and a pleasure at the same time. Other than family, music, skating, dogs, philosophy, programming and beer hunting he does nothing at all.

Developing a production OpenBank at Stone

Audience: Beginner

This is more in the line of other talks of how one can grow a team in a language that has obvious advantages but not a full crowd of developers looking for jobs. There are many angles that can be approached here: the organization of a team, growth-hacking, technical difficulties and lessons learned. I am more inclined to focus on the technical side of things, for example, how and why we moved away from Commanded, patterns that became used in many places, telemetry and so on. Though I fear that most of them wouldn’t be specific to Elixir or the BEAM and be more likely to please people trying to grow any system.