Bring your App to Life with AshOban and AshStateMachine


Time-based automations and durable jobs are a very difficult problem. Elixir has amazing tools to solve for this, and you can tie them all together elegantly with Ash extensions. In this talk, after a brief introduction to Ash, I’ll guide you through AshOban’s trigger-and-scheduler-based approach, illustrating how to configure and manage periodic actions within your applications effectively. We’ll delve into error handling and transaction management, ensuring robust and reliable operations.

I’ll also showcase the power of AshStateMachine, showcasing its ability to define clear and flexible state transitions within Ash resources. Together we’ll see how to implement state machines elegantly, manage state transitions, and visualize these processes for better understanding and debugging.

We’ll wrap up by looking at how we can combine these two tools, and how to integrate this setup with powerful tools like AshPaperTrail and FLAME.

Key takeaways:

  • By the end of this talk, viewers will know what kinds of things can be accomplished with some of Ash Framework’s advanced tooling, and will be armed with the knowledge of how they might automate their Ash applications. Attendees of this talk will gain a comprehensive understanding of Ash Framework’s advanced features, particularly AshOban and AshStateMachine. They will learn not only what is possible with these tools but also how to apply them to automate and streamline processes in their Ash applications. This session aims to empower developers with the skills to enhance their applications’ efficiency and capability through practical, hands-on knowledge of these powerful Ash & Elixir tools.


  • This talk is great for anyone building applications with Ash or considering Ash and looking to get a sense of its advanced capabilities.

Level: Intermediate

Tags: Ash, Oban, Automation

Format: In-person