Building Elixir applications for global audiences - or an audience of one

Kip Cole


Localising applications in Elixir for global audiences - or just an audience of one - doesn’t have to be difficult. In this session, we’ll define some design patterns and workflows using common Elixir libraries to build a simple e-commerce application showing how localisation can improve user experience and deliver better audience engagement.

Talk objectives:

  • Show that building localised applications for global audiences - or just an audience of one - can be as easy as building non-localised applications.
  • Demonstrate these techniques and tools by building a simple e-commerce system during the session.
  • Illustrate simple design patterns and workflows to make localisation simple and fun.

Target audience:

  • Developers looking to deliver improved user experience, who recognise that respecting users preferences (like language, formats, …) improves audience engagement and delivers better outcomes.


[“intermediate”, “proficient”]