End-to-end Real-time Interactivity on the web with LiveView & LiveState


LiveView is a great choice to build real-time web applications. But what happens when you don’t control the stack of the website? LiveState comes in to help bridge the gap, be it a Chrome extension or a custom HTML Element, to bring end-to-end real-time interactivity. This is a showcase of the stack used by Liveroom (liveroom.app), the tool I’m building.

Key takeaways:

  • The goal is to inspire people to build with Elixir, by giving an update about my journey building Liveroom, a project I announced during my talk at ElixirConf EU 2023. It is a great showcase of what is possible with LiveView & LiveState when building interactive experiences on the web.


  • This talk is aimed at Software Engineers with a Product mindset, who need to build embedded experiences on the web that go further than a simple website. Specifically, they want to convince their company’s management to consider using Elixir for client-heavy projects, instead of the usual full Javascript stack.

Level: Intermediate

Tags: real-time, interactivity, livestate

Format: In-person