Let's Write a Toy Language from Scratch in Elixir

Lucas Sifoni


Without libraries, we’ll see how we can leverage Elixir specificities to easily tokenize, parse, print and interpret a toy language with a few recognizable features (variables, primitive types, closures).

Adding OTP and Phoenix LiveView to the mix, it evolves towards a quirky stateful computation system with basic graphical editing of programs.

Key takeaways:

You’ll have a look on implementing from scratch:

  • Tokenization
  • Parser combinators
  • Pretty printers
  • AST transformations Which are techniques that can be leveraged in daily work outside of the toy language domain!


  • Developers who did not try writing a toy language yet, or who would like to see how some common problems can be implemented under the hood.

Level: Intermediate

Tags: langdev, parsing, diy

Format: Virtual