The Elixir Security Roadmap

Michael Lubas


Can a hacker exploit your Elixir application and cause a data breach? This is an important question for every organization using Elixir in production today. This talk will cover:

  1. The context of how Elixir fits into the overall cyber security strategy of an organization.
  2. How attackers approach Elixir applications, and the most important defenses that need to be in place.
  3. How to prioritize security work. The amount of material in cyber security can feel overwhelming. This talk will provide a detailed, prioritized list of how to allocate engineering time.

Elixir is an excellent choice for writing secure applications. Learn how to take advantage of the solid foundation it provides to create secure systems.

Key takeaways:

  1. How to secure your Elixir application.
  2. How to prioritize Elixir security related work.
  3. Common security mistakes that can be avoided.


  • Developers of all skill level (beginner to advanced), executives at organizations using Elixir.

Level: Intermediate

Tags: Secure Elixir development

Format: In-person