TypeCheck - Effortless runtime type-checking


TypeCheck is an Elixir library that takes your existing Elixir types + specs and builds runtime type-checks, clear error messages, improved documentation and automated property-based ‘spectests’ on top of them! In this talk, Marten will explain how simple it is to use TypeCheck in your projects and why and when you’d want to. Also, he will give a small peek behind the curtain of the extensive not-so-simple metaprogramming required to make all of this happen ;-).

Talk objectives:

  • Explain to people the pros (and some cons) of using runtime type-checking to improve their codebase’s code clarity, testability and resilience.

Target audience:

  • The talk is geared towards people with intermediate Elixir experience who are interested in (static or dynamic) typing, improving their codebase’s clarity and/or their approach to testing.