Going Back To Devops Roots, A Real Journey From Dev To Production With Beam Apps (in Person)




Do you like the BEAM? Are you interested in docker? Do you deploy to K8s? Have you thought about how to store secrets in repo? Are you CI first? Does integrity among envs concern you? Have you ever deployed an erlang distributed release into k8s? Would you like to build a mixed umbrella with an erlang and an elixir release? Are you excited with open-telemetry or similar instrumentation tools? Do you like infrastructure as code? If you are like me interested in every step of the delivery process, this is for you.

Training objectives:

  • Praise rethinking the devops paradigm

Target audience:

  • Everyone, if you like technology, you should be interested in this

Training prerequisites:

  • docker, terraform, elixir, erlang, skaffold, kind

Experience level: