Mastering Core Elixir with Retro Games (virtual)

Joseph Yiasemides




Tetris, Snake, and Pong are as instructive to code as they are fun to play! Their mechanics are complex, yet their graphics simple, which makes them perfect for learning Elixir in depth. Of course, there is no single right answer, so we will optionally share code written in-training as we iterate toward a feature-complete clone. We will inventory and explore our options at every decision point to discover where simplicity lies. Let’s see how coding your own retro games can help on the journey to master data representation and functional programming in Elixir.


  1. Demonstrate how retro games are a compelling and practical exercise in functional programming.
  2. Demonstrate the extent to which representation drives implementation.
  3. Explore testing techniques for interactions that are more complex than your typical, day-to-day, web application.


  1. Introductory-level coding experience.
  2. A working Elixir installation,
  3. Able to set up and serve a Phoenix project locally.

Experience level:
Intermediate users