The Toy Alchemist : Have fun, build a game, and learn Elixir (virtual)

Jamie Wright




Elixir is my favorite language in the world and I want to show you why by solving a fun puzzle game.

”The Toy Robot” is an interview exercise where you build a simulation of a toy robot moving around a square tabletop through a series of move commands. You can’t let the robot fall off the board!

In the workshop, we will build this game using the Elixir language and functional programming paradigms. We are not going to jump right in but rather start with the basics of Elixir and build up from there. Get a deep head start!

If we have time, we will make the game multiplayer using processes in Elixir and put it on the web using Phoenix LiveView!

Elixir needs more alchemists.


  • Attendees will learn the basics of Elixir and functional programming concepts and then use those basics to build a basic game without frameworks. Then we can expand on that knowledge and use a framework like LiveView.


  • Knowledge of git and any previous programming language would be helpful.
  • Attendees will only need the latest version of Elixir and Erlang OTP installed.

Experience level: