André Graf

DevOps Solution Architect at Helvetia Insurance

André programmed on the Beam VM since over a decade. At first in the traditional messaging domain, where he implemented SMS/MMS proxy servers, MQTT brokers (VerneMQ), and a couple of other application-level proxy solutions based on Erlang OTP. Today he is part of the API platform engineering team at Helvetia Insurance where Elixir is used to orchestrate multiple complex provisioning pipelines.

The Journey of Elixir at Helvetia Insurance

In this talk we share our experiences of introducing Elixir at a major Swiss insurance company.

Helvetia recently adopted Elixir to replace several complex Jenkins pipelines that powered a Git-Ops based self-service for governance, provisioning and configuration of our Kafka streaming platform.

The initial success opened the possibility to implement further self-services with similar features for our API platform as well as supporting services in Elixir.

During this talk we try to answer the following questions:

  • Why did we choose Elixir for this journey and why not something else?
  • Why did we not stay with technologies already established in the organization?
  • How did the organization see the benefit of adopting Elixir as the best fit for this domain?
  • How did the organization get amazed by the power of Elixir?

Target audience:

  • Software engineers in corporate jobs who want to bring Elixir on the table * Project/product managers
  • Dev Ops engineers
  • Everyone else curious about using Elixir in an enterprise setting