Opening a Black Box: Observability in a Complex System

Daniel Silva


Modern distributed systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Considering this, finding the root cause of problems can be extremely difficult and time-consuming without proper tooling.
On this session I’ll explore some architectural and design approaches that can make your life easier. I’ll also explore a tool built with Phoenix LiveView that offers the basics of observability and provides real time visual feedback on a complex distributed system with event sourcing and asynchronous processes. This is a journey into making our life easier!

Talk objectives:

  • Sharing the struggles of building, understanding and debugging a complex system in production environments and what I have learned along the way.
  • Understanding how architectural decisions can make observability easier.
  • Demonstrating how Phoenix LiveView helped create a simple visual real-time solution.

Target audience:

  • Elixir developers and software architects running Elixir in production.


Observability, Traceability, Asynchronous Architecture