Keynote: Ship it! A roadmap for putting Nx into production


From better documentation to traditional machine learning to generative AI, the Nx ecosystem is changing where Elixir stands as a programming language. But for folks who aren’t working in machine learning, it may not be immediately obvious what it’s all for. And for those who are using other ML ecosystems, it may not be immediately obvious how Elixir’s ecosystem stacks up. This talk aims to help on both of those fronts.

The Nx ecosystem (Livebook, Nx, Bumblebee, Axon, Explorer, Scholar) is production-ready. At Amplified, we’re using all of these tools to build B2B SaaS. In this talk, I’ll give a deep-dive introduction to the ecosystem, showing what you use the various libraries for and how to leverage them to solve real-world problems. Using examples from production systems, we’ll cover the pragmatic nitty-gritty as well as the immense opportunities that these tools open up, from the practicalities of deployment, observability, and performance to the possibilities of new features and operational efficiency.


Format: In-person