Christopher Grainger

Founder and CTO at Amplified

Chris is the co-founder and CTO of Amplified. Prior to founding Amplified, Chris was an economist and researcher focusing on the application of deep learning methodologies to innovation econometrics. Chris is also a loving father, having won his family’s annual ‘Father of the Year’ competition five years running.

Dataframes are not just for Data Scientists

A dataframe is a tabular, two-dimensional data structure, like an in-memory database table. You might think of them as the weird spreadsheet-like thing that your data scientist colleague gets all excited about.

This talk is about why dataframes are exciting for anybody who works with any kind of data in Elixir, and how you can add them to your developer toolkit. With the Explorer library, we have access to extremely fast dataframes and series (one dimensional, like a list) in Elixir.

We’ll cover how to translate common Elixir approaches to data manipulation to composable dataframe operations, how and when you can get a performance boost, and how dataframes can save you round trips to the database or sending heavy payloads to your client.