Akhilesh Negi

Akhilesh Negi

Engineering Lead - Glific

Akhilesh likes finding innovative solutions to simple problems and contributing to open source projects. He is Team Lead at Project Tech4Dev and has been working on our open source project in Elixir for the past 3 years.

Glific: Our journey in adopting and working with Elixir

In our session, we’ll share about our journey at Project Tech4Dev in building Glific using Elixir. Glific is an open-source, WhatsApp-based, two-way communication platform for non-profit organizations. It helps these organizations increase their reach and impact on the communities they serve. . Glific has split tech architecture, with the backend running on Elixir using Phoenix framework and the frontend on React. It is a multi-tenant application that simplifies maintenance and reduces costs.

Glific development started during the pandemic when physical interaction with end-users was restricted and an alternate communication medium was needed. We chose Whatsapp due to it’s popularity in the Global South countries. Today, Glific is used by over 100 non-profits in India, with more than 100 concurrent instances running. We’ll share more on how non-profit organizations are using Glific to have high-quality, relevant, and timely communication with their communities at a minimal cost.