Daniel Caixinha

Daniel Caixinha

Software Engineer & Lisbon|> Elixir Meet-up Organizer

Daniel Caixinha is a software engineer, currently working at Sona, where he is using Elixir and Phoenix LiveView to build great products that can also handle the high growth of the business.

After graduating from Instituto Superior Técnico, he joined the startup world, mainly using Ruby, but he also got the chance to play around with Elixir, which made him fall in love with functional programming in general, and Elixir in particular.

Besides building Elixir applications, he is fostering the use of Elixir, being a co-organiser of the Lisbon Elixir meetup.

LiveView: Start-ups' New Secret Weapon

What is it that makes some start-ups fail and others flourish? There are multiple variables when answering this question, but a key ingredient is always speed – of delivering, of adapting and of finding product-market fit.

Elixir has been focused on productivity from the start, from great tooling to comprehensive documentation. Currently with LiveView, this can now be extended to the full-stack, truly allowing the merge of front and back-end developer teams.

Sona is a ~2 year-old start-up that uses LiveView from its dawn. After joining, I got to see my first BIG LiveView application.

While daunting at first, the whole LiveView programming model, tooling, and full-stack ownership allowed me to be productive from the outset.

In this talk we’ll see how LiveView enables us to build complex features with great UX, and in a shorter amount of time than traditional choices. Lastly, we’ll explore some tips on how a new-joiner can navigate a large LiveView project.