LiveView: Start-ups' New Secret Weapon

Daniel Caixinha


What is it that makes some start-ups fail and others flourish? There are multiple variables when answering this question, but a key ingredient is always speed – of delivering, of adapting and of finding product-market fit.

Elixir has been focused on productivity from the start, from great tooling to comprehensive documentation. Currently with LiveView, this can now be extended to the full-stack, truly allowing the merge of front and back-end developer teams.

Sona is a ~2 year-old start-up that uses LiveView from its dawn. After joining, I got to see my first BIG LiveView application.

While daunting at first, the whole LiveView programming model, tooling, and full-stack ownership allowed me to be productive from the outset.

In this talk we’ll see how LiveView enables us to build complex features with great UX, and in a shorter amount of time than traditional choices. Lastly, we’ll explore some tips on how a new-joiner can navigate a large LiveView project.

Key takeaways:

    • How LiveView allows companies to move faster, and with fewer teams
  • How the LiveView programming model (sever-side rendering) can drive a better UX, since validations and business logic are centralized
  • Some real-life examples of complex scenarios built with LiveView


  • Anyone experienced with Elixir/Phoenix (not necessarily LiveView), and who’d like to know about a real-life use case of Phoenix LiveView used in production

Level: Introductory and overview

Tags: LiveView, Start-up, Speed

Format: In-person