Exploring Elixir project re-compilation

Anton Satin


When you make Elixir compiler happy, it rewards you with a better developer experience, faster build times, and you can end up with a cleaner design of your application. In this talk I’d like to explore how to make it happier: explore different dependency types, dependency cycles, how do they play together and what bottlenecks do they create. We can then talk about tools that Elixir gives us to identify these bottlenecks and how we can leverage them to make application design better for both the compiler and ourselves.

Talk objectives:

  • This talk aims to increase awareness about how Elixir builds our application and how the way we organize our code affects re-compilation time. To better understand what can we do to make our code more straightforward for both the compiler and ourselves.

Target audience:

  • This talk is targeted towards intermediate users of Elixir - people who are making software with Elixir as their day to day jobs and would like to deepen their knowledge